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Glenn Schmekel, founder and director of the Cove Food Bank, will sometimes speak in parables which he leavens with down-to-earth humor and a disarming grin.

With a profound sense of religion woven into his daily life, Schmekel is comfortable sharing informal exchanges with God. As he tells it, he was engaged in one of these casual inner dialogues a few years ago walking near the pond he built on his property above Poorman Creek, when he got the inspiration for "The Cove Food Bank", which he founded in 1998. At that time he recalls, he was asked if he had planted any seeds in the community in an area where he wanted a harvest.

Glenn readily understood the invitation to effect a change in society by finding a way to care for those in need and respect the elders in the community.

Soon after, he launched the "Cove", which today (supported primarily by donations from local residents) provides 30 pounds of food weekly up to a 100 families. Addressing these economic needs is vital, that what is really meaningful about The Cove is that they don't simply hand out food, but have created a coffee shop atmosphere where people gather and build relationships with their neighbors.

There are 30 volunteers from various community service groups, local churches, and caring neighbors who donate their time, resources and talents to the Food Bank.

Credit: Methow Valley News

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